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In the face of social pressure, has the tendency to fear expressing a contrary to the thinking of most pressing opinion. As an example, the topic of homosexuality. Some people tend to define themselves by fear or fear reprisals. They say in a contradictory way: "I am not in favor of homosexuality, but I'm not against whom do". This absurd contradiction comes exactly fear the opinions of mass and at the same time, be at peace with his conscience. However, demonstrates a blatant contradiction, because if someone is not in favor of something , it becomes immediately against the practice of one who does what is not in favor .

We need to set making clear the basis of this definition is that the Word of God. Christians need to have the courage to show the error in who donates hurt. Even if we are pressured or we are discriminated against.

I am against homosexuality (for some ignorant who think I'm erring on the suffix, see my other text here) because the Bible declares the model of creation - man - woman, male - female (Gen 1:27), because God forbid this union strongly and destroyed cities because of it ( Lev 18:22; Gen 19), because not all forms of love that pleases God, but only one that is based on the principles of creating a complement between a man and a woman (Gn 2.23); because the Bible states that Jesus ratified the creation model when taught about marriage (Mt 19.4) , for Paul confirmed the teachings of the Old Testament and Jesus teaches that the permittivity gay is the demonstration of God's judgment (Rom 1:18; 24-27) , and that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God (1 Cor 6:9).

Another reason I am against is because the creation demonstrates normally. The man was created to live with a woman of whom have children, are fulfilled emotionally, physically and socially (procreating themselves). Homosexuality has always been criticized by society since the days of Rome and Greece, even though this practice was part of pagan religions (see my text talking about it).

One might ask: "Are you homophobic?" Depends on the concept of homophobia you have. If your concept shows that I have “fear of homosexuals”, I am not. Likewise, if your concept is why I discriminate homosexuals, incitement against them, or even have an aversion, I am not too, just as there are people who are against racial quotas in universities to only blacks are not racist. However, if the concept is why I am against their practices, their ethical stances, their sexual choices, I am. So if that is your concept, I’m “homophobic”, but for reasons mentioned above.

Therefore, I am against homosexuality, and I am against gay marriage, much against the adoption of children by homosexual couples.

If you think the same way, you have the courage to publicly agree with me?

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